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How To Win At Online Roulette Every Time

Online casinos have risen in popularity over the last number of years as players look for ways to win big. A direct result of this increased online gambling is the rise in popularity of online roulette.

Being an easy game to play attracts newcomers keen to recreate the Vegas experience and such wide appeal means there are lots of roulette strategies practised by players following various betting patterns.

If you are looking for a battle plan, today is your lucky day as we discuss our favourite strategy to teach you How To Win at Online Roulette Every Time.

Along with this, we’ll also chuck in a few helpful tips to increase your chances of winning. Read the advice carefully and don’t forget to gamble responsibly!

Online Roulette Background

Most betting companies have their own version of an online casino and offer plenty of free bet options for new and loyal customers.

Roulette is a casino classic and undoubtedly the most popular casino game today so it features on all of the major casinos and Newer Roulette Sites in operation. The popularity of the game can in some way be attributed to its simplicity but largely because there are so many different ways you can win with online roulette. It’s a game filled with options and various betting patterns.

Bet Types

Before we discuss the ways to win at Online Roulette, we should look at the different bets you can make to collect chips at the table. To make things easier, we’ll only be talking about European roulette here. Many online casinos also offer American or French roulette, but European is the easiest to understand and the one with the best chance of beating the house.

There are many bets you can make on a roulette table, and they all have various odds:

  1. Straight bet: This is where you bet on any number on its own, and the odds are 35/1. (You can obviously bet on more than one number if you wish, and the odds will reduce as you add more numbers to your bet)
  2. Low 1-18: This bet means you’re betting on the ball to land on any numbers from 1-18. Odds are Evens.
  3. High 19-36: Betting on the ball to land on any numbers from 19-36. Odds are also Evens.
  4. Red/Black: Bet on either any red or any black number, odds are Evens.
  5. Even/Odd: Bet on either any even or any odd number, the odds are Evens once again.
  6. 1st/2nd/3rd 12: Bet on either the 1st/2nd/3rd section of 12 numbers. Odds are 2/1
  7. Columns: Betting on one of the three columns. Odds are also 2/1


These are the main bets you can place on the board to make money. Looking at these, we have a couple of top tips to help you succeed:

The Martingale Strategy

Speak to any professional roulette gambler, and they will talk to you about one of the most proven strategies in the book; The Martingale Strategy. While the name may sound impressive, the theory behind it is very simple.

Here, you follow the simple principle of doubling your bet every time you lose. So, if you bet £2 and lose, you repeat the same bet but with £4. The trick is that you’re only making bets with odds that are Evens. As such, this means you can bet on Red/Black, Odds/Evens, or 1-16/19-36. Choose whichever bet you want, then stick with it throughout your playtime.

The theory is that you can still come out with a profit even if you lose a few bets in a row. Plus, because the odds are 50/50, you’re almost guaranteed to win at some point. Let’s say you bet £2 on Even and lose, then £4 and lose, then £8 and win. You’ve doubled your £8 into £16, and have gained a £2 profit overall.

As with all strategies, there’s still the risk that you’ll go on a losing streak. However, this is one of the safest betting strategies for winning at online roulette every time as you’re only dealing with 50/50 bets. Of course, you can scale up your bets to earn more profit, but you mustn’t go too crazy, or you could run out of money before you win any.

The only drawback with this Simple Roulette Strategy is that many online roulette games have limits on how much you can bet. People may think this is the company trying to protect gamblers from losing too much, but it’s actually the opposite. It’s to protect them from being defeated by every player using this strategy. Think about it, if you start betting £100 on red and keep doubling your money, you’d eventually win thanks to the law of averages. Even if you lost, say, five times in a row and won on your sixth.

This is what that exact scenario would look like:

Your first five bets would be £100, £200, £400, £800, £1600, for a total loss of £3,100. Then, your sixth bet would be £3,200, which would take your total bet amount for this session to £6,300. But, you’d win this sixth bet and get £6,400 which would mean you leave the table with a profit of £100.

You see, after betting thousands of pounds, you still end up with profit. This is why they put restrictions in place, so you’ll probably have to bet smaller amounts for this to work.

However, you can still win small profits every time you play. Let’s say you win something as small as £5 every time you play online roulette. Play it once per day for a month, and you’ve got £150 profit. So, don’t be put off by having to bet small amounts on restricted tables.

Paroli Strategy

The very opposite of the Martingale System is the Paroli strategy. Instead of doubling your bet after you lose, you double it after you win. This game plan appeals to many because technically, you are not betting with your own money but rather the winnings that you just received. Getting to that point though is the hard part and the bets up until your first win will come from your own money.

If you can get to this first win without spending too much of your own funds you will quickly see that Paroli is less risky and dangerous that the Martingale system, which means it very appealing to newcomers and people that are unsure of the rules. A smart tip is to utilize some of the bonuses at some of the Best Sites for Online Roulette below to inflate your balance and give you more chance of getting to that first win without spending your own cash:

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How To Use The Paroli System For Maximum Earnings

If you decide to go with the Paroli system, the next step is to select a bet and as always, the low risk low reward gambles offer the greatest chance of success over the long term. Red/Black, Even/Odd and 1-18/19-36 should be where your chips go. If you are feeling adventurous, consider increasing the odds by going for the first, second or third dozen as they will allow you to stay within the bounds of acceptable risk tolerance. Whatever you do though, stay away from the high risk bets like fixed numbers as it won’t matter what strategy you apply because the odds are simply too great to beat the house over the course of a game.

After selecting your starting bet you must stick with it throughout the course of the game. Losing some spins is inevitable but be disciplined enough place the same bet again. If a winning spin then comes around, you should leave the original bet PLUS the winnings in place on the same square for the next spin. This step is known as a progression and is double the bet of the previous spin. If you win again, leave your bet and winnings in place on the same square so the third spin will be double the bet of the second. As you can see, a winning streak can quickly accumulate chips if you are disciplined and follow the plan.

The Break Point

Before the game starts, decide how many progressions you will be happy with. Keep it in your head as that is the break point at which you stop and leave the table with your winnings. A higher progression target will lead to bigger wins that are mentally difficult to leave behind and go back to small bets.

What If I Lose After A Winning Streak?

You should expect that your lucky run will come to an end eventually. This is a crucial point where many players make the wrong decision. This is because the thrill of moving through three or four progressions sets the heart racing with bigger bets and bigger wins every time. When that ends, some players want to recreate the thrill again and foolishly place a large bet to restart, which is the biggest mistake you can make as a loss will put a significant hole in your cash.

The Paroli system advises that you go back to the beginning and place the same small bet that you began with to try and get to the first progression again with minimal risk.

The challenge is a mental one that only you can take on. Be disciplined and go back to the start. If the urge to place another big bet is high, step away from the table as it is simply too risky and goes beyond the realm of fun.

An Example of The Paroli System

Understanding the Paroli system is made a lot easier by walking through an example. In this case assume you place one chip on black. When the dealer spins the wheel and the ball lands on black, you will leave your starting bet and the winnings on the board - two chips altogether. This is regarded as the progression one.

If you win on the next spin, you should again leave your new total of four chips on board for the next round. A third win will leave you with 8 chips to bet on the next spin. If you aim for a fourth progression and win, you’ll then have grown your chest to 16 chips from a starting point of only one.

You can keep going for a long as you want until you reach your break point (the number of progressions you will be happy with). If you lose after a progression but before you reach your break point, there is no real loss to you as you were gambling with the casino's chips since the first progression.

The Paroli system is effective if carried out with discipline and precision. Use our five step approach to execute it correctly:

The only real way you lose money with this strategy is if you run out of money before your bet wins.

How To Win At Online Roulette Every Time Answered

Start by establishing a strategy and experimenting with a few small bets. When you find one that works for you, stick with it. The golden rule is to keep applying your chosen strategy, no matter what happens. The law of averages will then remain in your favour and give you a better chance of winning.

Final Advice

To end this Roulette Guide, we’d like to stress the importance of knowing when to stop. While this system is designed to help you win money and cover your losses, you can still lose if you’re not careful. You may know How To Win at Online Roulette Every Time but set limits for yourself so you never get into a position where you’ve thrown away all your life savings.

When done correctly and smartly, this strategy can help you earn a little profit every time you play online roulette.