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Online Roulette Rules

Roulette is a simple gambling game based on chance and found online or in Casinos. You should first be familiar with the fundamental Online Roulette Rules and the history of roulette before before starting a game.

Online Roulette Rules Explained

The centerpiece of the Roulette game is the table, which lists all possible outcomes and it is where players place their chips according to the outcome they want to happen. The house dealer then spins the wheel and after a short period, drops the roulette ball onto the wheel sending it in the opposite direction. Eventually the ball will stop on a number and whoever has correctly predicted the resting location wins money.

The Aim

In all forms of Roulette the player is competing against the house and not against other players with the simple challenge being that you need to guess where the ball will stop on the wheel. The game provides many different choices for betting with some being high risk and others low but also smaller returns. The bet placed all depends on the risk tolerance of the player and how much they want to win.

How To Play Roulette

When a game starts you must first place your chips on the table squares according the where you think the ball will stop. The wheel spins and the ball will drop onto it once everybody has heeded the dealers call to place their bets.

Once the ball has been dropped no further bets can be made which is announced by the dealer. Once the wheel begins to slow down you will have an idea where it is going to land. This anticipation is the part that most players love. Eventually it will come to a complete stop and settle on a number at which point the winners receive their chips and the dealer takes the remainder off the table as the house profit. After the table is clear a new round is ready to begin.

What are the bet types?

Bets in Roulette are divided into two main groups which are inside and outside bets. The most notable difference between them is inside bets which have a lower probability of happening but generate big payouts to winners. On the other hand outside bets have a greater probability of happening and accordingly don't pay out as much prize money.

Seasoned players that follow their own roulette strategy and have repeatable success will say that small and frequent outside bets with lower return will give more winnings in the long term. The attraction of big bucks from an inside bet is the carrot dangled in front of players and while there is no doubt that inside bets can be won, going on the outside means your game will last longer and you will a better chance of winning.

The Special Rule Of En Prison

In French and European roulette games, a special Online Roulette Rule exists that apply to even money bets. When making one of these and ball lands on zero, some houses will allow the player to prison their bet and leave it in the same place for the next round, essentially giving them two spins for one bet but only one chance to win. They can also choose to receive half of their bet back instead of rolling it over to the next game but most people will gamble on the next round instead.

La Partage Rule

This is almost the same as the En Prison rule but crucially doesn't permit the imprisoning of a bet for the next game. Here, the player only has the option of taking back half the money made on an outside even-money bet such as Red/Black, High/Low, Odd/Even when the outcome of the spin is zero.

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