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An Detailed Look At Roulette History

Posted on Dec 19, 2017

Roulette is the most common gambling game in the world synonymous with Vegas, James Bond and Luxury. Previously a hobby reserved for the upper classes, the wonders of the internet have brought this fantastic game into the palm of our hands via the many Online Casinos in operation today.

Roulette History Explained

Roulette History is a topic of debate among historians as it's spread over a vast canvas of time with no official records to confirm or deny stories. However the the most authentic version comes from France where it is said that renowned mathematician, Blaise Pascal created the game as an unintended side effect of an experiment in 1655.

The name Pascal does not need any introduction. A number of mathematical inventions and programming languages are derived from his theories. Roulette was said to be invented by Pascal accidentally when he was working on a device for continuous motion which was never finished, but gave birth to a wonderful and mysterious game of roulette which is still played today.

Country Of Origin

Other gambling historians attribute the creation of the game to a combination of several others that were popular in Europe in the 1800's such as the Italian board games Biribi. A different french board game called called Roulette existed around this time which lends favor to the theory that Pascal was a involved in the conception. While we can't be sure of the exact inventor we can say with a degree of certainly that Roulette originated in France.


Roulette has gone though a variety of phases since it emerged. Today there are three standard formats namely American, European and French and each has their own implementation of roulette rules

As the titles suggest, players in Europe follow their version with the exception of France where they have their own flavor. On the other side of the Atlantic the US format has a higher house edge and is the version on offer in the Casinos of Vegas and Atlantic City.


Due to the regulation of gambling around the world, Roulette was not widely available and had to be pursued in areas where law makers had a more liberal mindset. Roulette History shows that the principality of Monaco with it's glamorous Monte Carlo Casino was the most famous place in Europe. In America, the state of Nevada legalized gambling within it's boundaries in a move that would transform the city of Las Vegas into one of the worlds premier gambling destinations. It is rivaled for this title by Macau in China.

Once these cities led the way, others started following and casinos began to appear in many other countries. The lure of something new attracted people where they saw Roulette being played. The enjoyment and ease of play spread it's popularity and quickly established Roulette as the showcase game that the public associate with Casinos.

Online Roulette

Fast forward to the present day and the Roulette landscape has changed dramatically with the arrival on Online Gambling. Players no longer need to travel to Monaco and Vegas or even drive as far as the nearest brick and mortar casino. The distributed nature of the internet mean that Roulette can be played Online from the comfort of their own home by complete novices who have just read an Online Roulette Guide. The speed of data connections also mean that people can play on their phones when out and about. One of the most common times and places Roulette is now played is on public transport during the rush hour commute. Some cities even have mobile coverage underground so people traveling on the Metro can indulge in a little Online Roulette after a hard days work.

Live Dealer Roulette

Seeing the explosion in Online Roulette, Casino Operators seized the opportunity to develop an entirely new product called Live Dealer Roulette. This is completely different to the computer version of roulette in that players are actually taking part in a game of Real Roulette via a video link. They are competing against other players and also tuning in over the wire. This technology poses the question of whether it can actually be classed as online as there is a real roulette table and dealer on the other end. Regardless of the title, this version is extremely popular and trusted by players as they see it as less prone to fixing and enables them to test their roulette strategies in a version closer to reality than its online counterpart, which offers a better probability of Winning Every Time They Play Roulette.

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