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The Easiest Roulette Strategies To Use for Winning

Posted on Feb 09, 2018

An Easy Roulette Strategy Guide to Winning

There are a few tried and true roulette strategies that can help you win big! Check out this article for an easy roulette strategy guide that will help you win!

Roulette, the enticing gamble everyone wants to make at casinos around the globe. Which it will be? Red, black, odd or even?

These are the decisions facing roulette fanatics everywhere.

The game started over 200 years ago in France. The game revolves around the mystical misery of chance. People love the game because there are so many ways to bet. That's where an easy roulette strategy can help you.

Even though it's a game of chance, strategy does come into play quite often in the game. There are even return bets and long shots like betting on a specific number. Roulette strategies have been created and adjusted over hundreds of years.

Each strategy has its own degree of success. So which strategies do you need to know for a winning shot? We've done the research for you and have compiled a list of only the tried and true strategies for you.

1. The Favorite Dozen

First, the player needs 40 tokens of the same amount. Each token should be considered carefully. The player needs to decide what the amount of each token will be based on the potential winnings and current financial situation of the player.

It is key to make sure that before the amount you know what the exact limit is on your table. The player needs to make sure that the total amount is much lower than the limit on the table. This makes for an easy roulette strategy.

For example, if you have chosen an amount of $50 for one token, you should find a table that has a limit from $50. This will put you in a good position to receive more benefits of the "favorite dozen" strategy when playing roulette.

The favorite dozen is an easy roulette strategy because it is strictly based on numbers that are hot or cold. If you are playing roulette live (or online), you should carefully consider and analyze how often one of the tree dozen is hit by the dealer.

It's time to take a good, hard look at the latest number of the results (aside from zero) and try to decide on which dozen has been the most frequent during the last set of spins. You need to analyze nine spins to be exact.

Then, if in the nine spins there is a result of two of the exact same numbers four times, then you need to focus on the last of those. If the ball continues to land three times on each of your dozens, then you need you should wait for one more spin and ball placement on your dozen before placing your bet.

There you have it! You have your favorite dozen that you can use throughout the entire game as an easy roulette strategy.

2. The D'Alambert Strategy

In the 17th century, the laws of physics were evolving. A Frenchman named Jean le Rond D'Alambert came up with the D'Alambert Principle. This principle states that "the sum of the external forces acting on a body and the inertial forces are a system in equilibrium."

Soon, the French gamblers would use this principle on roulette wheels all over the country. This easy roulette strategy has survived all the way to today. Basically, players choose a bet and increase or decrease their bet based on each win.

For example, if a player bets $20 on a red and it wins, then they reduce their bet by $5 to $15. If they keep winning, then the amount is lowered until a gain is made monetarily. However, with any losses, the number on the bet will decrease.

It is certainly a much slower way of playing. One of the disadvantages of this strategy is that your gains are exactly the number of spins that win. D'Alambert is a great easy roulette strategy, but it does have its flaws.

With this strategy, you will need to win more than you lose, but the good news is that it will take you much longer to accumulate losses as compared to other easy roulette strategies.

3. Parlay All Day

This is quite possibly the most simple of the strategies. It's easy to learn and even easier to play. It's a positive progressive betting method that doesn't require very much math on your part. This is a great easy roulette strategy for novice players.

Everytime you win, the bet placed on the next spin should be upped. However, the first time you lose you need to go back to the number you started betting at. The other thing you need to sort out for the Parlay strategy is exactly how much you want to spend and exactly how much you'd like to win.

What's more, you don't even need to stay with even money bets. You can win big with this strategy is fairly little time because you'll be betting on 35/1 odds!

4. Kavouras, an Easy Roulette Strategy

Kavouras is a fairly crazy way of playing roulette, but it does have its benefits. It's a two-part strategy for roulette. It's also one of the newer strategies being used in the game.

This strategy will cover 20 different numbers using different alternatives. You have to have one unit in the corner cover covering a certain set of numbers, and then two units in another covering numbers like 31, 33, 34 and 36.

The best thing about this strategy is that it is wildly entertaining. You certainly won't be bored playing roulette this way. It means that half of the numbers on your roulette game are being covered. This makes a winning round more probable and more likely to occur.

However, you can't change the house edge with this strategy. You can certainly change the amount of money you'd like to bet and how you want to use it, but it doesn't actually change the odds of the bet. This is a good strategy to set you up for a nice, long game of roulette.

Furthermore, you'll be set up in a way that doesn't make you lose all your money within the first ten minutes of the game. No one wants to look like a novice when starting out, so if you are one, use this strategy and you'll be in a superb disguise.

5. The Martingale

This strategy is all about balance. So if you have a hot head or are impatient, perhaps this is not the best option for you. This strategy is all about the "eventual" win.

First, find a table with a fairly small minimum bet, but with a high maximum. You'll want to start out small because you want the potential of being able to double your losing bets. You then put a small bet on red or black, even or odd.

If you win then you'll keep those winnings and continue to bet the exact same amount again on the next spin. You can, of course, walk away then. But what fun is that?

If you don't win, then you can double your original bet and put it on the same bet again. So, if you lost $2 on a black, then put $4 on a red again. Then if you win, you keep your winnings and put that same bet again on the original smaller bet you first made.

Now you've regained what you lost and you can go back to betting in smaller amounts. If you lose again, then double up the amount and bet again. You can keep repeating this easy roulette strategy until all of your money is gone, or until you reach the maximum bet amount at your given table.

As with any strategy, there are some benefits and drawbacks to this format. You have to be careful and mindful. Just because one color has won a million time in a row, does not mean that the other color is going to appear in the next round.

After all, this is roulette. Roulette spins can only have a chance around 50/50 of landing where you'd like it to. Remember, there's a 0, and a 00. This can throw players off sometimes as they calculate their chances of the desired spin they want.

6. Bond, James Bond

Ian Fleming came up with this strategy that his iconic character used at tables. It's supposed to be foolproof, but the verdict is out on that one. You'll need at least $200 to have any kind of success with this strategy.

You place $1430 on the high numbers (19-36). You place $50 on numbers 13-18. Then you bet $10 on zero, just for security.

If any number between one and twelve shows up, then you're money is gone and you should switch strategies. However, if any of your bets land then you will have earned a great profit.

This strategy involves risk, but it is certainly an exciting way to play.

It's All About Roulette

Roulette is an easy game to play and a super great gamble for a novice. However, regardless of whether you're new or experienced, you need a strategy in the game. Let those balls roll in your favor.

Red, black, odd or even. Use any of these strategies to manipulate a game of change into your corner. It's a basic game, but that doesn't mean you have to be basic when playing it. Use your smarts and these tried and true strategies for success.

For more roulette strategies, learn more here.

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