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Your Guide to the Different Types of Roulette

Posted on Jun 19, 2018

Are you a new roulette player? Here are the different roulette game types, including UK roulette.

UK Roulette and the Different Roulette Game Types

Have you been looking for a new game that gives you the opportunity to learn a profitable system, has tremendous odds for payout, and can be played online from the comforts of your own home?

If so, you've found it: Online roulette.

You might be new to the world of roulette, so first thing's first - learning the game. Specifically, you need to know the different types of roulette games there are, including French, American, and UK roulette versions. Here is your ultimate guide to getting started with online roulette.

What are the Types of Roulette?

Each kind has different details that alter the odds, payouts, gameplay, and other aspects of roulette.

There are four main variations of roulette:

  1. European roulette (a.k.a. UK roulette)
  2. French roulette
  3. American roulette
  4. Rapid roulette

These are the best-known and most often played versions of roulette, so it's good to start here if you're a beginner.

Other kinds of roulette are popular in pockets of the online world, such as mini roulette and double ball roulette, but these are intricate past the point of being profitable. When starting out, you'll want to have a great understanding of the classic versions of roulette. Save the trivial games for the trivial players.

You're here to learn real roulette.

European Roulette (a.k.a. UK Roulette)

The original roulette, from which all other versions spawn.

The wheel of European roulette has what's called a "single zero"; other than numbers 1 through 36, split into 18 red and 18 black, there's a single green zero.

With this version, the best bets are by color (red/black), odd/even, 1-18/19-36, and first 12/second 12/third 12. Basically, place your chips on the one you think the ball will land on. Because most bets will automatically lose if it goes in the zero pocket, European roulette is a very inviting version with only one zero.

This version is what's played in most "Monte Carlo" settings; therefore, almost all of Europe and some parts of the United States plays European roulette.

Always a mainstay in both casinos and online platforms, European roulette is a great way to begin your roulette career. It will help you learn the ropes, plus every other version is a variation of this first version.

European also goes by another name: UK roulette. The reason being is it's extremely famous in the United Kingdom and played as the main version of roulette. If you're on the island, you're more than likely going to play online UK roulette.\

French Roulette

A close cousin to European roulette, French roulette is actually pretty popular in multiple European countries, including France (of course), Germany (somewhat surprising), and other Eastern European nations.

The major difference between French roulette and it's European brother is mostly related to the style of betting and the overall odds. The board remains the same, with 37 total pockets - the 36 black and red numbers and the green zero.

However, there are a few changes to how the game is played:

Obviously, French roulette is a slightly more complicated version of UK roulette. Therefore, it's prudent not to start with this version, instead perhaps graduating to this sort of game once you're comfortable with the rules and gameplay.

American Roulette

The popular type of roulette in The States, the unique deviation to American roulette's European counterpart lies in the wheel design.

With American roulette, you get an extra green "double zero." This creates 38 total pockets, with the 18 black and 18 red pockets remaining the same. What this does is add to the odds the ball will land in zero; in short, it increases the house's advantage, almost doubling it from 2.7% to 5.27%.

However, the payouts are the same, so the difference is rarely realized.

In North American "double zero" roulette, there is one more alteration: The numbers are sequentially ordered. American wheels place sequential numbers across from each other. For instance, the zeroes are on opposite ends, as are the black 4 and the red 5.

This distinction is different from UK roulette, which is in a completely randomized order, broken up only by color (red-black-red-black).

In Las Vegas, Nevada, casinos offer both European and American roulette; you just have to ask for "single zero roulette" if you want to up your chances of winning.

Rapid Roulette

This is the style that most online roulette sites use.

With virtual betting - i.e., betting online - the amount of time it takes to bet decreases dramatically. Instead of waiting for the actual wheel to spin and have everybody take their turns betting and collecting winnings, this all happens instantaneously in rapid roulette.

Whether you go with UK roulette or American roulette, you can get good at roulette fast with this fast online method.

However, just because you're going faster than normal roulette, that doesn't mean your chances improve. It resets every roll - your odds remain the same. You simply get more exposure to the game, which is a welcome benefit to novices who need to learn fast.

The ultimate way to start out on your roulette journey is to do online rapid roulette with UK roulette rules. This gives you the best potential for wins, helps you learn as quickly as possible, and gets you acclimated to most versions of roulette.

Playing UK Roulette Could Make You a Roulette Master

There you have it: These are the kinds of roulette available to you right now. Pick your roulette poison and get cracking on your roulette strategy. Of course, make sure you choose the type of roulette that fits the best with your roulette strategy.

If you want to learn more about online roulette, please check out our overview of how to play roulette, including terminology you'll need to know before you place your first bet.

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