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We only feature casinos that are reputable, trustworthy and have passed our stringent tests for quality. You can be sure our casinos for playing roulette are safe and secure because we've played them ourselves so we know exactly what each one is like.

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Best Online Roulette Sites

OnlineRouletteGame.org only reviews the Best Sites for Online Roulette. There are hundreds of sites for online roulette on the internet enticing players with bonuses and offers but we believe in quality over quantity so pick the cream of the crop. We look for reliable software, good gameplay, fast payouts and a pleasant user experience across all devices.

Reviews Of Recommended Roulette Sites

We bring you quality articles related to roulette and information on the rules of the online roulette game. We have facts about the history of roulette and enough detail to help you learn all about this exciting gambling game.

Online Roulette Guide

Not only do we offer the best source of roulette strategy articles, tips and reviews but also allow to immerse yourself in this famous game of chance with our comprehensive Guide to Online Roulette. If you like it and are ready to win some cash you can view our list of top casinos with roulette. They each have a variety of options like bingo and slots online but most importantly roulette games to recreate that Vegas experience playing for proper money.

Help and Support

We also have a dedicated contact section where you can get in touch if you have questions or anything related to Roulette Sites Online. We monitor our inbox and answer all queries within 24 hours.

Online Roulette Strategy

Uncover the secrets to success of roulette online with our Roulette Strategy Guide. Find out which bets have the best odds and how to Win At Online Roulette Everytime. Read, learn, experience and start winning big prizes today! Most importantly have fun.

Just like slots, roulette is a game of luck and if you are the fortunate one at the table, the potential for huge returns is very real as every individual number pays out 36:1!


All sites we review have a great range of roulette tables available, from American to French, and European Roulette Gold to Live Roulette. There is a table for just about everyone, unless you want a table where you win without betting! You don't need to download any software from your casino of choice and can just pop out your phone and log into play roulette, video slots or whatever casino game you feel like.

It only takes two minutes to register and you can start playing online roulette in the time it takes to make a coffee. Depositing can be done with a Mastercard/Visa and many other payment method like Paypal and Skrill.

However some online casinos have restrictions and may not allow to bet you depending on where you reside.

Mobile Friendly Roulette Sites

We realise that our followers use their phone to browse most of the time and therefore only source Top Online Roulette Websites that work on mobile phones. Not only do they have to function but they must be user friendly and fast. Just look how quick this very site loaded for you. We expect that anyone we review should offer the same experience to their users.

Getting familiar with Online Roulette

Regardless of type, the game of Roulette features of three common elements—a wheel, a ball, and a board.

The board contains the numbers 1 to 36, a single zero (double zero in American roulette). Numbers are red or black, except zero and double zero, which is usually green. The board also has squares for Odd, Even, Red, Black, 1-18, 19-36, 1st dozen, 2nd dozen, and 3rd dozen,

The wheel numbers map to those on the board so players can bet on a corresponding number from the board. Bets can be placed on a number by setting your chips on the square on the board, or you can gamble on a collection of numbers by going for another type of bet. For example staking on Odd or Even will mean you're betting on half of the 38 numbers as 0, and 00 aren't considered to be part of the even or odd groups. Similarly, gambling on the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd dozen means that you are betting on 12 numbers per spin. It’s also possible to gamble on a line of numbers, a set of numbers that form a square shape on the board, a column of numbers, and so on. The possibilities go on and new methods are sure to be invented in the future.

Once you’ve decided what to bet on, click the button to start spinning the wheel. The ball will circle the wheel a few times before it loses pace and gravity pulls it down into the numbers. It will bobble around for a few seconds and finally come to rest in the compartment of a single number. The active bets will then be evaluated by the dealer according to the number where the ball finished. If any players won, they are given their chips, while the house takes all losing stakes.


If you still have doubts about playing online roulette, we’ve put together a list of the most frequent queries players have by surveying our audience. They should deal with any questions to you have

There are so many options for a beginner. What is the simplest bet to get started?

If you are a total beginner, you want your first experience to be a pleasant one so stick with the bets that have the highest chance of winning. Of course, this means your wins won’t be so high but the same applies to your losses. Start betting on odd/even or red/black as these bets offer the higher chance of winning a smaller sum.

Once you get comfortable and understand the rules and how the game is played, you can move on to more adventurous bets such as 1st or 2nd dozen. These have a higher risk but also higher rewards.

What bets should I avoid?

We generally stay away from single number bets. The odds are simply too high in a game of chance that you have to way of controlling. The wins are the highest of all roulette bets but that directly correlates with your likelihood of winning. You will probably never get lucky enough to choose the correct number and if you do, it certainly won’t happen twice in the same session.

If you really feel the need to bet on a single number, be sensible by placing a very small amount down and when it loses go back to the percentage bets like dozens or odd/even.

Are roulette systems trustworthy?

NO. Stay away from these at all costs as they are scams designs to trick you out of your money before you have even played a game of roulette. Remember that the house will always have an edge and there is no way around it. Roulette is a game of chance and there is no skill involved. Yes, you can follow a betting strategy and is highly recommended to do so but at the core, there is no talent or method to predicting where the ball will land.

How to withdraw winnings?

The casino operators featured on our site make the list because they have good payout options such as bank transfer, PayPal, cheque. Each one is different though so check to make sure they offer the method that you prefer.

How to Choose an Online Roulette Site

To ensure you have fun when trying to win some cash playing Online Roulette, take your time to select a site based on the detailed reviews we have put together instead of jumping at the best bonus or flashiest design. Based on our experience of playing and reviewing sites for online roulette, we feel these are the criteria they should be measured on:


Pick a casino that is trustworthy as it’s not just your money on the line but your personal information as well. All reputable gambling operators are licensed by the UK Gambling Commission, which is an independent body designed to regulate, provide common standards and accountability across the online gambling market in the United Kingdom.

Variety of Roulette Games

This may seem like an obvious one but make sure the casino offers roulette games or you will be disappointed. Most of them do as roulette is the most popular casino game but some may not so it’s best to be sure. Once you’ve confirmed they have online roulette on their sites, see if they have the type of roulette you want. Smart gamblers will play European roulette because the odds are better for the punter but if you are after the American version, check beforehand as the casino might not offer both.

Mobile Friendliness

The chances are you will be playing roulette on your phone, whether it’s on the daily commute or lying on the couch at the weekend. For that reason, it is essential that the online roulette site is mobile friendly. After all, what good is the latest iPhone if you cannot use it to play roulette at your favourite casino?

Live Dealer

Online Roulette is great but sometimes you need a more realistic experience and that’s where Live Dealer Roulette comes into the equation. There’s quite possibly nothing more exhilarating than betting at a roulette table with a real human dealer, just like in films. This once far fetched idea is now a reality thanks to the availability of high speed internet and powerful phones that allow you to remotely join a real roulette table that is 100% live. You will see a man or woman dealer on the other end and participate in an authentic game of roulette over the internet.

Good Bonuses

If you are going to sign up for a Popular Online Roulette Website, then you should definitely try to find one that offers good bonuses. There are plenty of other important factors but casinos want your custom so make sure they give you a nice handshake for joining. If they don’t, there will be another one out there that can.

Payment Methods

When you want to play, you need to be able to deposit and withdraw cash with the payment methods available to you. All operators accept credit and debit cards but make sure it is a card you have. Some casinos also allow you to pay by phone, which is an interesting concept whereby you deposit cash and it is added to your phone bill. When your phone provider sends your bill at the end of the month it will contain a few extra items for the money you deposited.


While it may not be of interest to newbies, after you’ve been playing roulette for a period of time, you begin to realize that some software providers have better games than others. Casinos will strike deals with different software providers and not all are the same. As you get more experienced playing roulette and start to develop preferences, it is important to check if the casino works with the software provider you prefer.


When money is on the line, it is important to know that a person is on the other end incase things go wrong. You need to be able to deposit your money quickly in a hassle free way but more importantly withdraw it when you win cash. Some operators have live chat and phone support around the clock so if you have a choice, it would be wise to go with one of those.

The items mentioned in our list are what we consider the important factors when choosing a good roulette site online. Some are more important than others and it depends on what kind of player you are. It takes time to find all of this information and especially if you are browsing around a few casinos. Luckily for all the roulette players out there, we have done the hard work and reviewed the Best Online Roulette Sites in a fair and unbiased way. You can find all the information you need so check out our detailed conclusions and choose a casino to play roulette today.